Sunday, October 28, 2007


Free Cartons Of Cigarettes?

Here is an email that I got recently:


You've been selected to receive a few cartons of Marlboro or Camel Cigarettes ON US! All you need to do is click below and tell us your choice!

Get my Packs of Smokes by clicking HERE


Chose between Marlboro or Camels!

- Click Below for Camels


- Click Below for Marlboros


Too bad I don't smoke Marlboros or Camels!

All kidding aside I just don't trust these kinds of sites that offer free cigarettes.

I did see an ad for an online cigarette website that is supposedly run by Indians - meaning they can escape some of the cigarette tax laws and can offer cigarettes at a discounted price - But again I would REALLY have to check them out before I would consider purchasing cigarettes online.

I haven't met anyone who has had a good experience with ordering cigarettes online yet.

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Sunday, October 07, 2007


Another Good Day!

I shouldn't bemoan the fact that I have to go out and buy the cigarettes. On the contrary I should be grateful that I even HAVE the money to be

able to buy them! How long ago was it that I was complaining (in this very blog) about not having any cigarettes and not having the money to even buy

them? What about when I bought a pack of cheaper cigarettes that I had to pay with half my debit card and the other half in change? It does a

mind good to think about this when that mind bemoans the fact that I have to go buy them - doesn't it?

Even though there are more and more laws against smoking in certain areas I am still glad to see other smokers like me around! I saw a guy smoking a

cigarette as he was walking somewhere and it just made me feel glad that I wasn't the only smoker around. So we are still out there!

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Monday, October 01, 2007


A Cigarette Brand Called Maverick?

Here is a brand of cigarettes that I had never heard of before. The only reason that they caught my attention was because they were lower in price than my regular brand of Kool cigarettes. They were about $1.50 more cheaper so I bought them because (at the time) I didn't have enough money to buy my favorite brand of cigarettes.

As compared to my regular brand of Kools 100, this brand is more "raw" tasting but you still get that "nicotine kick" when you smoke them.

For the past few days I have been able to afford to buy my own favorite brand of cigarettes so I haven't had to buy these in a while.

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